Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Here's our latest challenge. It looks awful! Wayland is my handsome black boy but I 'burned' these photos so you could see the sores. He isn't really brown.

I've done a bit of research on soremouth. Mostly everyone who has experienced this said that nothing could be done to help the animal's discomfort nor to thwart the condition.

However, I did find two different ointments that offered relief: 1. one part glycerin mixed with an equil amount of iodine, or 2. apply B12 (injectable) on the skin (this is said to hasten dryness and more quickly cause the scabs to drop off - which I understand can carry the virus -- another ugh -- do they carry it FOREVER?).

I thought about using these but when I went out to the barn, Mr. Wayland was busy peeing on his face. If that rich nitrogen doesn't help/kill/thwart the scabs, at the very least it will wash off either one of these ointments. I decided against wasting my time and risking exposure.

Just came in from my morning "howdy". Now I see spots on Bucky, Kris, AND Wayland. Oh sigh ... .

It's my understanding that this virus must run it's course (1-4 weeks per animal--ugh). Then:
1. Everyone who had it will be immune from it for a time period (About how long is this?). Although they will be 'carriers'. Is this true?
2. The scabs carry the virus. You know, the itty-bitty scabs that will fall off somewhere within their pasture. In twenty years, when I touch one, will I get this virus (Orf?)?
3. The virus can be transmitted via equipment used (e.g., fences, water buckets, feeding troughs, housing). Holly Molly, will clorhexidine in a garden sprayer work to wash the fence along with everything else?

How to I keep the virus away from the girls and babies? There'll be NO breeding until I'm sure the ladies will be safe. I can KNOW this. Right?

I've ordered a larger garden sprayer AND a flame weeder. I've been wanting the flame weeder for a while so when you mentioned that fire would be a good sanitizer, I jumped on it. :)

Oie veyhhhh ... .

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