Monday, June 15, 2009

I had noticed that one or two of the babies had been limping over the past few days, but didn't know what was going on. I never saw how they hurt themselves. I did, however, know that they had been jumping on the barn walls because metal is noisy when it gets hit -- especially with 17 baby goats hitting the walls at various speeds and all times of the day and night.

I'm guessing that Trace jumped on an interior fence and got his leg caught in one of the holes in the fencing. I first noticed that he had been limping for a couple of days but NEVER put his weight on that little leg, while the other kids had been walking on all fours, sorta.

It was time to check it out. Sure, with a ginky leg he'll be easy to catch. Ha, that little bugger could move. Finally, I caught him then started examining his little leg. He fussed big-time when I moved his wrist/ankle.

These guys have an incredible pain threshold when they want to. Other times they'll scream at the top of their lungs if you touch them. Anyway ... a trip to the vet was in order. Field trip!

Two x-rays told the story: YUP it was broken. It was, however, a 'good break'. If you consider broken anything as 'good'. I believe that means 'it will heal well'. Hope so ... .

The vet wrapped his little leg in heavy gause then covered it with a bright lime green vet-wrap. Terrific ... hey, if you're gonna be ginky, you might as well 'look good.'

Back at the barn ... the photos tell the story.

When he first entered the Mall, everyone seemed confused. Little sister, Emily, was the first to greet Trace.

Then, as the others noticed something different, they began hovering around him.

The crowd grew!

Finally, mama came in and all was right with the World.

Yeah, mama!

Mr. Trace gets two baby asprins in the morning and evening to help with the pain. By the way, he does like his cherry flavored asprin. We go back to the vet weekly for a cast change.

At this point, we don't know how long it will take for his leg to heal. But, Trace's mama soothes him at night and his sisters nap with him during the day. We keep the siblings in a pen so he won't have to run and jump with the others.

Little guy needs his rest.

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